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Exploring Leadership: Inspire & Encourage

In a bid to understand certain leadership and organisational practices, I have embarked on a journey to find out for myself the true meaning of leadership. I will share a series of posts and also invite other people to contribute as we explore this topic.

As a leader, you need to build a strong and principled foundation. You must demonstrate that you are an inspiring leader. People will look up to you and choose to follow you because they have seen, admire and want to enjoy the fruit you produce.

The people’s choice to follow you means you have a silent obligation to teach, mentor, train, and nurture them. These are not just your followers, they are your disciples. They will carry on the work you have done and even do greater, only if you “disciple” them.

A leader reaches out to pull others up.

I believe this is what managers in any organisation should be, people who are inspiring, willing to teach and nurture the gifts of those they are entrusted to lead. They should be like a tree that produces good fruit.

A leader should be one that listens and explores the different ideas that team members bring, even the “crazy ones”. It’s recognising each person’s passions, abilities, qualifications, and experiences, and using them to advance the team’s agenda. In a nutshell, it’s appreciating diversity and applying the principles of inclusion.

I have learnt the art of fusing ideas to come up with one big bold idea. Thinking outside the box is what differentiates us when we are given the same problem to solve. It means breaking the rules, going beyond, “ndozvatinoita pano” (meaning: that’s how we’ve always done it here).

I once had an encounter where someone shared a document and I thought its contents could be beefed up. However, because I was always told, “maiitiro edu ndiwaya” (meaning: this is how we always do things), I learnt to accept things as they are and not speak up. However, this is not how a leader should act. I really like what one twitter user with the username @laxmysree said on influencing the energy in the room. This is part of what inspiring leadership entails.

— Sree (@laxmysree) September 25, 2020

What the twitter user says resonates with me. It’s my duty to speak up and be bold. We all know what we are capable of achieving, we have the modern solutions for our modern problems and we should consistently exercise our courage to lead. However, without an enabling environment, our creativity, innovative ideas, and zeal dies down like a flame which is not being fanned.

May we as future leaders, fully accept our obligations and appreciate that leadership is more than just providing direction, it’s also equipping the next leaders for greater heights.

You are who God says you are, when it gets tough, encourage yourself in the Lord. Keeping moving and prepare to be an inspiring leader. One wise man once said, the traits you want to see in those that lead you are the traits you should possess to be the change you want to see.

Be inspired to your ultimate emergence!

Nonhlanhla Nyathi
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