Double-Edged Birthday

This Women’s Month, I #ChooseToChallenge you to be kind yourself. I mean that in every way. Forgive yourself and heal, even if it takes years for you to get to your desired emotional and physical state, keep fighting. We all have at some point known better but chose to do otherwise.

Break the cycle of poor finances with self-leadership

The only way to break free and take command of your finances is self-leadership. When you refuse to settle or accept the realities, you become a force unto yourself. This article will look at what you can do to step into your role as a self leader and turn your financial situation around.

Inspiring Leadership: Be Visible

Inspiring Leadership: Be Visible

Naturally, we tend to blend in so that we all become the same but what makes the team stronger are our unique abilities. What sets us apart and makes any organisation thrive are our differences rather than our similarities. So, what role does visibility play? If you blend in, you will become invisible because you will look like everyone else. You need to stand out and show your unique abilities.

Exploring Leadership: Inspire & Encourage

A leader should be one that listens, explores the different ideas that team members bring, even the “crazy ones”. It’s recognising each person’s passions, abilities, qualifications, and experiences, and using them to advance the team agenda.

5 things I do in difficult moments

Don’t give up on your dream, you’ve got to keep moving. If you really have to take the long route do that but always remember you need to come back to your vision. Give yourself a timeline when it comes to how long your detour will last. Make the experience count and let it push you closer towards your goal.