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3 Characteristics of an Ideal Team Player

There’s a famous adage that goes, ‘Team work makes the dream work.’ which implies that any team is effective if all team members are focused on the dream. I submit the notion that the “right” team makes the dream work. Yes, your team members may have the right skills but are they a good fit for the team?

Patrick Lencioni in his book ‘The Ideal Team Player’ shares three key characteristics each team member should possess. These are:

1. Humility – an ideal team player is one that is humble. This means s/he will advance the team’s objective over their personal objective. For this person, the team’s needs come first before their own.

2. People smart – in short, this person can read people. They can relate to other people well, they are open and helpful. However, it is to be noted that such people may be manipulators and use other team members’ strengths or growth areas for their personal benefit.

3. Hungry – this means they are hard working and proactive. When there is need they go the extra mile. They are not in the team to fulfill an explicit role but when the need arises to get their hands dirty, they do it with enthusiasm.

An ideal team player should possess all 3 qualities. What other characteristics should an ideal team player possess? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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