Becoming a Mandela Washington Fellow – Part II

Back to all things virtual. The Fellowship ran for 6 weeks in a virtual format. I was placed at Northwestern University for my Leadership Institute. I was well prepared to actively participate and I gave it my all. In the third week, we had a free week to catch up on required work and the like. However, in that same week I had a mental breakdown. I had a massive burn out with no warning whatsoever and it frustrated me.

Break the cycle of poor finances with self-leadership

The only way to break free and take command of your finances is self-leadership. When you refuse to settle or accept the realities, you become a force unto yourself. This article will look at what you can do to step into your role as a self leader and turn your financial situation around.

Exploring Leadership: Inspire & Encourage

A leader should be one that listens, explores the different ideas that team members bring, even the “crazy ones”. It’s recognising each person’s passions, abilities, qualifications, and experiences, and using them to advance the team agenda.

Exceeded expectations: My story

I express my expectations the best way possible and I’ve realised that it doesn’t breed disappointment. It opens up the two parties to dialogue which in many instances has led to creating solutions that satisfy both parties. Rather than disappointment, it creates a clear path/environment for sound decision-making.