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Begin again: Why you can’t give up now.

I’ve been pondering on what to share in the midst of challenges we are dealing with on a daily basis. This year for most of us might have been the most challenging especially for people my age. 2008 was difficult but we were under someone’s care, parents or guardians. Now, we’re facing the beat of the music directly and we have since forgotten how to even move our feet to the rhythm. It’s like feeling beat up yet you’re supposed to shake it and move to the beat. It’s just not going to happen, right!

We’re confronted with times where we see our dreams being shattered. Maybe you wanted to pay lobola for your honey, maybe you wanted to go to school or buy a car or pay a deposit for your own home, maybe all you wanted this year was a better life for your children, you wanted to quit that job and start your business. We all have dreams and now it looks like it’s just not going to happen. I’ve always found comfort in knowing that it has to be better on the other side.

Whether you choose to see light at the end of the tunnel or in the tunnel, keep going. You’re closer than you think.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve given it your all and you still keep giving but on the other side someone keeps taking and you don’t see where you’re going? Most of us may be here. All we are doing now is fighting for survival yet we want to thrive.

I am here to just remind you to keep moving. Darling! Get up, dust yourself and try again, begin again. The heavens are open, you’ve just got to believe. Yes, it looks impossible but know whose you are. He is God and God alone. Impossible is His specialty. Trust Him.

This quote from Brook Fraser’s song ”Love, where is your fire” off the Albertine album, reminded me that I need to be quick to silence any thoughts of doubt in any area of my life. Rebuke that thought and never entertain it. We’re going to make it and we will make it big!

When a doubt comes to light at the back of mind. I hasten to mute it. I shout and rebuke it:

“Away, away, away, away…away!”

Brooke Fraser – Love, where is your fire

My inspirational song for the season has been Amanda Black’s “Amazulu”. She beautifully narrates her journey to getting her first song out. All she ever wanted to be was a singer and that’s we know her for now. It wasn’t an easy one but the heavens opened and she made it. Here’s a video of the song, I urge you to listen to it.

Amazulu – Amanda Black

Let’s not throw in the towel, let’s keep moving, let’s keep working towards our dreams. Do what you got to do, if you have to cry and roll on the floor, do that, just don’t give up. That can’t and shouldn’t be an option. See you on the other side.

Be inspired to your ultimate emergence!

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