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5 things I do in difficult moments

Sometimes we set our dreams aside and dance to life’s tune, and that’s perfectly okay. In my opinion, there are two ways that one can achieve their dreams. It is either:

  • taking the longer route, that is, doing something else now to earn a living then get back to your dream later, or
  • just getting on with it now. Earn a living while pursuing your dream though it may not be what you want. What you’re doing is investing time now especially if mastery in what you do is what you’re aiming for.

I chose the latter. Believe me when I say this, ‘so many times I want to choose the former because life can get tough sometimes’. So when I face these moments, what do I do?

Just a little background on my dream and passion which is also my hobby that pays well. I moved from financial accounting as I felt it wasn’t fulfilling me. I then got into tax just to try it out and man, I fell in love. This is my 6th year in tax but I am still mapping my ultimate emergence, the big goal I want to achieve as a tax specialist. I have an idea of what it is now but I am not quite settled yet. However, because of the current economic situation in Zimbabwe, I sometimes forget about my dream and convince myself I can take the longer route.

You can follow my tax journey here. Right-click to open link.

It’s not that I want to leave tax but I get opportunities to pursue different things in tax. In examining these opportunities, they do not align to my ultimate emergence. So then what do I do when things get tough?

Sample of Vision / Dream Board from The Ultimate Emergence Ideas Book by Nono Nyathi

1. Vision / Dream Board

I go back to the drawing board, the vision that I wrote down. It’s important to write your vision down and it’s helpful to create a vision board for it. You will need it in times like these or when you need to make decisions in relation to some opportunities.

2. Read

I find articles and read on this subject that interests me. It reignites my passion and I come back to my senses and remember what I set out to do.

3. Pray

Whenever, I get an opportunity which for me is “any time is tea time”, I talk to my Father about it. I ask for His guidance and wisdom and as always He is ever ready to provide it.

4. Find Alternatives

Sometimes, we encounter people that are just difficult to work with. I am learning that there are alternatives and I will sure explore them all and find the one that works best. This is one of the things I learnt in counselling.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

5. Steer Motion

Don’t give up on your dream, you’ve got to keep moving. If you really have to take the long route do that but always remember you need to come back to your vision. Give yourself a timeline when it comes to how long your detour will last. Make the experience count and let it push you closer towards your goal. All I am saying is, there’s always something to take away from that detour that will be very useful in implementing your vision.

Yes, sometimes life happens but never take your eyes off the prize. I hope these 5 things I do can also help you and keep you encouraged to pursue your dream. I would also love to hear from you, share with me and other readers what you do when times are tough. Use the comment section below or engage with me on any of my social media pages.

Be inspired to your ultimate emergence!

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