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Why your work is important.

Dare to dream! Your dream is valid no matter what it is. Own it and slay it! – Miss Enn

I used to think that what I do doesn’t matter because unlike the work of a doctor I don’t save lives. I’ve come to realise that no matter what you do, it’s valid. It makes the economy function better and don’t ever look down on yourself because of the type of work you do.

I have recently completed a short but very insightful study in the area of international tax and this made me realise how much my work contributes to society. I have to go to work and provide tax advice so that taxpayers pay the right amount of tax and therefore enabling the government to earn the right amount of revenue.

If everyone pays their fair share of tax this will in turn reduce the tax burden placed on individuals. The ongoing international tax planning debate which also poses a question on the direct link between tax and corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) also made me realise that I am a necessary player in making sure the economy functions the way it should. In the words of Guiseppe Van Der Helm, “The first CSR companies have is to pay taxes because this is what contributes to public funds needed to build infrastructure, fund education, provide medical services, social aid and so forth” (paraphrased).

So whatever you’re doing, it’s got a purpose. You could be make-up artist, what you do enhances the confidence of someone who lost it because they were made to feel as though they were not beautiful “enough”. It could enhance the confidence of someone who was badly injured and they always blame themselves for that. You could be a builder and think your job is too mundane, yes it may be but it’s worth it because without you we wouldn’t have beautiful homes to stay in, you provide shelter for people through the work of your hands.

As I read through an article called “How to find purpose in our most ordinary work” from this site, I picked up one thing that stood out the most for me. It read,

Work done to serve others makes a difference. Your output is someone else’s input. If you clean offices, then you impact what people experience in their environment. If you enter numbers into spreadsheets, the accuracy of those numbers determines the quality of the decisions made based on those numbers. Matthew 5:16 says, “… let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

I couldn’t have said it better, but this is my biggest challenge to you. Appreciate yourself and the work you do.

Whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do it all to the glory of God. Work diligently and strive for excellence in all you do.

Let’s appreciate each other and learn that what we are doing will help the next person and what they are doing will help us. This is why we live in a community. It’s an ecosystem where our products and services are interconnected. Take time to appreciate, firstly, yourself and secondly, everyone around you who makes your life easier and your environment more beautiful. Your gardener, your maid, your builder, your plumber, your doctor, your accountant, your marketer, your banker, etc., they are all playing a huge role.

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